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The Power of Nature

Remote Energy was founded with the singular goal of creating an affordable long-term electricity solution for individuals living without access to grid services.

We studied previous attempts at bringing off-grid solar to places such as the Navajo Nation and created a model that allows individuals to pay for electricity monthly, as they would with any utility service. This monthly payment is governed through our Energy Services Agreement (ESA). The Energy Services Agreement does not require a large up-front payment,  making our program both affordable and accessible to individuals without grid services. Our ESA also provides our customers the protection that if their system doesn’t perform as promised, they are not required to pay.

Remote Energy began sales in Fall 2015. The first off-grid systems will be deployed on the Navajo Nation in mid-2016. We will have limited availability in the first wave of installations. To ensure you or your loved ones are able to get first access to reliable, affordable electricity, fill out our contact form.

How It Works

Pay monthly for Off-grid Energy

Ditch the noisy generators. We provide your home with access to clean, reliable electricity through an individual off-grid solar system with battery backup.

No Upfront Payment Required

You pay for your power monthly, as you would with any utility service. No large out of pocket expense is required to get your system.

No Utility Infrastructure Needed

Solar panels only need the sun to provide you with energy. Our system sits outside your home and connects to your existing electrical structure.

Able to Access Remote Areas

Remote Energy's unique skid design allows us to bring power to you, no matter where you're located.

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